Janice DeardorffJanice Deardorff grew up immersed in songs of the west & she’s an Arizona native. Her roots, an eclectic blend of Western Americana, cowboy music, ranch tunes from around the campfire and classic love songs, fill her heart and soul. Janice sings a blend of these tunes.

She shares,“I’ve always loved the old cowboy songs we sang when we were growing up and with our own children, around the campfire.”Kevin & Janice Deardorff

At home in the open Arizona country, Janice belts out songs  inspired by her western adventures and the history of the west. Janice has been doing music most of her life, as an entertainer, educator and worship leader. She believes music is a gift from God to be given again…to the listener. Janice became immersed in western music when she started singing at cowboy cook-outs to barter for horseback riding. From ranches to restaurants, to cowboy poetry & music gatherings, to schools and horse related events, Janice’s warm and captivating presence draws her audience into a very memorable musical experience.

Janice and her husband Kevin enjoy making new friends at these various venues, as they travel the southwest

Kevin & Janice Deardorff

Music is a gift from God that’s meant to be given again—to the listener. Janice says: “The connection of music creates community and camaraderie. That’s why I love singing live.”