: Part of the West is for everyone. So step into the flow of the history and beauty of the West.

: If the Fields Could Speak was inspired by our rancher friend and the history of his family and his land, down in Elgin, AZ

: Cowgirl at Heart – I fell in love with the west, through the ears of a horse, when I was 5 years old

: Don’t Fence Me In, by Cole Porter, is my favorite western song from my childhood. I love the wide open spaces of the west and I’m glad my folks moved out west a year before I was born.

: Didn’t Know is the true story of Nellie Steele Johnson, the 1st woman to ride the Butterfield Stage Coach from St. Louis, MO to San Fransisco, CA. She didn’t know what she was getting into…

: Dusty Vail is based on Dusty’s life, as she grew up on the historical Empire Ranch in Sonoita, AZ. “She’d rather ride that be inside…” and I can relate!

: Man with the Big Hat is Stephen Fromholz’s wonderful tribute to the working cowboy

: Under the Rimrock is a about a mexican rancher who settled in Vail, AZ and about the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same…

: Ghost Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend) was written by Stan Jones, when he saw a cloud formation in the Dragoon Mountains, south of Tucson, AZ, that looked like ghost riders in the sky…

: There’s No Tortillas, by Lalo Guerrero, is a real crowd pleaser that I love to sing…because Mexican food is part of the West too!

: That’s the Way I Feel About You is a love song for my husband Kevin. Some things just keep getting better with time… Thanks to Joni Harms & Barbie Isham for writing this great song!

: All Aboard is my train song. So take a trip back into time… All Aboard

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